Who are you?

My name is Tim Horton (of no relation to the fast-food chain). I'm a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, in Troy, NY. I'm primarily a Mac user, but I dabble in whatever's necessary to do the job. I spend most of my free time either with a computer or a camera, programming, or taking pictures. I work on WebKit most of the time now; in the past, I did lots of other random things.

What's this thing?

For a long while, I've been writing code, taking pictures, and thinking about things — creating lots of things that I really feel should be shared. I created this site as a means to that end, and, even if no one ever pays any attention, I've at least created an organized home for my ideas for myself! Everything here is here in a format that I understand, and you're all welcome to it. I'm willing to field questions, requests, hate mail, whatever, about anything on this site (or elsewhere!) through email, though I'll certainly not reply to everything!